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Jul 13, 2020

So - what do you do? Author (and former police officer) Clare Mackintosh and career coach (and jazz singer) Alexa Shoen talk to Viv Groskop about managing career change and rethinking your identity. Are you frozen at a crossroads? Are you investing in yourself? Do you know that Linked In is basically Tinder? And when it comes to money, are you following Cindy Gallop's advice and asking for "the highest amount you can say out loud without actually bursting out laughing"?


Alexa's book Entry Level Boss: a 9 step guide for finding a job you like and actually getting hired to do it is out now.

Clare Mackintosh's books, including After the End are also out now.

Viv's books, including Lift As You Climb: Women and the Art of Ambition and Au Revoir Tristesse: Lessons in Happiness from French Literature are also, of course, out now.

Music is by Liam Grundy

Design is by Sean Brightman.